The handsome 23 year old 6’2 Ghananian Actor Nana-Kofi Siriboe covers the Dec-Jan issue of Essence Magazine. 

    The newcomer has been serving tall glasses of water to the women who now consider themselves SiriBAES. Of course this melanin blessed brother is well deserving of it ALL.

    Queen Sugar’s Ralph Angel & Girl’s Trip star has proven that he not only a chocolate statue but also a humble, kind and even more intelligent young man whose future his brighter than his teeth when he graces us with that infectious smile.

    Keep your eye open for his new project ‘Jump’ that he wrote, produced, directed and starred in about mental health.

    Lately Kofi has been on a journey to discover his African roots…

    "In first grade I was asked 'What's your favorite food?' I said, 'Fufu,' and everybody laughed. I also remember asking my teacher not to say my full name, Nana-Kofi [Nana means 'son of kings']. Last year I went to Kumasi, in Ghana, for the first time and met the king, whose real name is Nana."

    "I didn't always understand the roots that are woven into my name, but that realization is happening now."